Billing report / Invoice FAQ

Please refer to the following FAQ's in order to clarifiy possible open questions regarding the billing report and the monthly invoice.

Billing Report FAQ

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1 What are "General resources"? Under "General resources", mixed resources are shown, which cannot be divided individually (e.g. your templates in the private service catalog in VCD, VMware administrative overhead per VM or manual snapshots in vCD (consuming DDC storage).
2 DDC/vApp/VM not shown on billing report Assets are only shown on the billing report (and on the invoice) if they produce costs.
3 VM costs VM costs are dependable on the state of the VM. If a VM is turned off, the costs are reduced by CU and RAM resouces.
4 Friendly name When a DDC/vApp/VM name is changed, only the current one is shown on the billing report.
5 How current is the billing report? The report is generated on a one per hour base. Nevertheless, there might be a delay of showing changes of a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.
6 Dynamic Storage In the billing report, the usage value is shown on a once per hour base. In the DCS Portal the daily value is shown.
7 System storage not shown per VM The system storage (Fast/Ultra Fast) is currently only shown per DDC. We are working on delivering that as well on a per VM base.

Invoice FAQ

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1 Compact monthly invoice Due to the high level of detail shown on the DCS portal billing report, you are given the monthly invoice in a new, compact style.

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